About 15 years ago, I was living in a lovely little apartment in North Bethesda with college friends Barb and Emily. Emily started to have some foot issues requiring semi-frequent trips to the podiatrist and involving cortisone shots. It turned out that Emily had a bunion, requiring the exlusive purchase of well-made and expensive shoes. One day when my shoes were off she looked at my foot and said, “look, you’re getting one too.”

Well, Emily, now is officially the time. The past six months have taken me from slightly annoying but manageable bunion to full-on problem foot.

Sad Foot

Sad Foot

This is what my foot looks like after walking maybe 0.5 mile around downtown in my CLARKS Mary Janes. I can’t even wear my CLARKS heels to walk in any more.

Granted, I should have been wearing different shoes to walk 0.5 mile around town, but I promise you this would not have been an issue even last spring.

You can’t really see it in the picture but my big toe almost overlaps my next toe. That’s the thing that’s happened in the past several months that’s really putting the nail in the coffin of this whole idea of “will I ever get to wear cute shoes again.”

This issue is genetic. When Emily told me about how I was acquiring this lovely foot problem, I pictured my grandmother’s foot, which was practically a claw even before I was born. How lucky I was to inherit this. I always thought it was from wearing bad shoes in her wayward youth. You know how crazy people were in the 1930s. But no.

I had problems with my foot when I was running the half marathon. Anything over about 6 miles and my foot would cramp up. I went to see a podiatrist at that time and he recommended some different shoes and some inserts, which definitely helped but didn’t completely take the pain away. This is one of the reasons I probably won’t run a 1/2 marathon again.

One thing that’s particularly frustrating is that it’s only one foot. My left foot is over there being totally normal (slightly wide and flat but otherwise normal) and wondering what happened to those cute red shoes I bought a while back that turned righty into a bloody stump.

I’m not really sure if I’ll do anything about it or not. I’m definitely not one for elective surgery, and if my issue can be solved by wearing different shoes I will probably just do that (weeping and gnashing my teeth all the while, obviously). But it’s starting to get to the point where I think it might affect my walking and exercising and that sort of thing, so it may be the beginning of the beginning of considering another alternative. I guess we’ll see. In the meantime…

(Actually, I probably just need to stop wearing heels. There are plenty of cute comfortable shoes these days. They all cost like $300/pair, but at least I have options.)


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