Disaster Preparedness

Everyone on Facebook is making much of the fact that everyone makes much of the fact of snow these days.

let's go after everyone who thinks we should stay home today!

let’s go after everyone who thinks we should stay home today!

My history with driving in the snow is as follows:
(1) As a teenager I was completely and utterly terrified of driving in the snow, due largely in part to my mother telling me that my plans to go anywhere were dependent on the weather from October through March, regardless of whether snow was actually forecast. So I never drove in the snow. (I was not a good driver as a teenager, having been in two accidents before the age of 17, so this was not necessarily a bad thing.)
(2) I moved to DC, where the government shuts down if there’s an inch of snow, so driving in the snow wasn’t an issue for a while. Pressure off!
(3) I moved back to Pittsburgh. Gradually I began to drive in the snow, cautiously at first, but ultimately getting close to the point where I felt comfortable and competent.
(4) Then this happened two winters ago. Now I’m afraid to leave my house again.

I'm not overreacting

I’m not overreacting

Speaking of my car, the “low tire pressure” light is currently on in my car. Certain people tell me this is nothing to worry about and it’s just because it’s cold out. However the internet tells me I’m going to die.

I also spend a fair amount of time imagining what would happen if I got hurt and had to go to the hospital. How would they know I was still nursing? I guess I’d have to stop if I was unconscious? Would Ben move directly in with his parents or would he be able to make it through two or three days on his own? What about those clothes I left in the dryer?


I had a nightmare when I was three that my mom and I were carjacked on the road to my grandmother’s house. There’s a hairpin curve where it happened and it was very vivid in my dream. I now drive that way to work about two times a week after dropping kid(s) off at Bea’s. I’m fairly convinced it was a premonition and I’m going to meet my fiery death in that very spot.

The other night I had a very vivid dream that my family was in Japan (why?) and there was a giant flood and we all went outside to be safe (why?) and of course it wasn’t safe and the water came rushing at us and I woke up in a panic.

it looked a lot like this, but it was night

it looked a lot like this, but it was night

All of this has combined to put me in a mild but constant state of anxiety for the past three days or so. So what should I do? Do I need to move to a remote location and live off the land? Puke and rally? Or should I just drink more (side note: is that even possible)?


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