Night feedings

A lot of people ask me if Zoe is sleeping through the night. The answer is no, she is not, but we are consistently down to one feeding a night and even have something of a bedtime routine (which involves eating for an hour, two songs and lights out). The latest she has made it is 5am. Last night she got up at 3. One unfortunate night last week she got up at both 12 and 3.

Now that it is not an act of torture to get her to bed and she generally only gets up one time, I actually enjoy the night feeds because they are our quiet time together. During the work week (and also on the weekends when I am home with Elena and Zoe) things are often hectic, so it is nice to be able to relax a bit with Zoe. I often look at Facebook or send semi-coherent emails to friends, but I also enjoy just snuggling with her. She is a bit refluxy and doesn’t always burp, so I “need” to cuddle with her, you see, to keep her upright for a bit so she can digest. It’s “necessary.”

I will certainly be happy to get back to sleeping all night, but in the meantime I am happy to spend some time with my sleepy friend.



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