I’ve posted about how much I like Bluebird Kitchen before. It’s a cute little cafe in Market Square that has yummy local food. Their macaron flavors make me want to punch someone in the throat they’re so awesome. They’re a little on the pricy side, and I’m happy to pay more money for good food (see: my bank account, our grocery receipts). Unfortunately, what with the cold weather and trying to maintain an exercise regime and nursing, I basically eat my face off every day these days. Today I just kept ordering things.



I ended up with the pain bagnat, chickpea salad, blueberry iced tea and a peppermint macaron (BAM). My favorite sandwich there is the chicken salad croissant, which has approximately 4,500 calories in it (EVERY SINGLE ONE IS WORTH IT), but I needed more food today, so I went this route.

Everything has been consumed. Yum.


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