2013: Year in Review, in Dates and Pictures

A lot of things have happened gradually over the course of this year. Elena learned a ton of things, for example. I gained a lot of weight and then lost most of it (haha). I thought it’d be kind of interesting to do a review of some of the important/fun/remarkable dates from this year. I should preface this by mentioning there’s no way I just remembered all these dates – I’m looking at my calendar as I’m writing.

January 2 – Nothing like starting off the year on a sad note. This is the day my mom called me at work to tell me Uncle Don was being life-flighted to Shadyside Hospital for emergency heart surgery.

January 7 – This is the day Uncle Don died.

Uncle Don and baby Sandy

Uncle Don and baby Sandy

January 11 (approximate) – I know it was this weekend, but I can’t remember exactly what date it was – this is the day we found out we were pregnant.

January 29 – Elena started Kindercare.

March 3 – I played in a hockey tournament this weekend. March 3 is the day we made it to the championship game (unfortunately losing 2-1).

this is not a picture of me

this is not a picture of me

March 15 – This is the last time I played hockey before quitting because of pregnancy. Fortunately it was an awesome game (we won a championship in OT) and an awesome team (team Fifth Wheel). Absolutely the way to go out.

Team Fifth Wheel

Team Fifth Wheel

March 23Elizabeth and I were interviewed to be part of Pittsburgh Swan Day performances the previous October. This was Swan Day when we went to see the performances.

April 6 – Stacey’s wedding shower and bachelorette were this day. I was in charge of dessert and I did an awesome job.

April 24 – Today we told Elena she was going to be a big sister and found out we were having a girl.



May 5 – Ran the marathon relay, 6.1 leg in 1:14. 20 weeks pregnant for those of you keeping count.



May 18 – Catherine and the boys were in town, and we met up with Viki and Elizabeth and all their children and went to Touch a Truck. The event itself was lovely, but I am picking this day as sort of a shout-out to three of my most favoritest people and their wonderful children.

June 1Stacey’s wedding, I was matron of honor and Elena was flower girl. This was a big event for Stacey, obviously, and I guess for Frank too, but also a big weekend for us. A lot of work, a lot of fun.

June 9 – This was our first day of our awesome beach vacation.

Family Self Portrait

Family Self Portrait

July 13 – When Elena started at Kindercare I was afraid my weekends would be consumed by birthday parties for strangers. Fortunately that hasn’t been the case, although there has certainly been an uptick in birthdays. This day was the first birthday party she was invited to, and I met some of her school friends and their parents and realized they were actually nice, non-scary people.

July 20 – Elena and I went to Cleveland for a mini 15 year reunion with some Wooster folks.

July 21 – Elizabeth threw me a lovely, very small and very classy, baby shower tea at the Frick.

August 18 – This was the last Pirates game we went to this year. I think I ended up going to 5 games (Ben went to a few playoff games as well). Pirates made the playoffs!

September 12 Zoe was born.

I'm kind of a big deal

I’m kind of a big deal

October 5 – Mollie’s birthday party AND Ryan’s birthday party. With a three week old baby. Because I’m Superwoman. And/or crazy.

October 27Adeline’s Angels 5K to celebrate the life of Darlene’s wonderful baby girl who died at 14 months from SUDC.

November 7 – Back to work. Already.

December 21Wigle Whiskey tour with some of my work family and Christmas party with some other of my work family.



Despite the huge bummer that was the first week of January, this has been a good year with mostly happy memories and some pretty nice accomplishments. On to 2014!


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