Twitter; Sick

Our big weekend news is that we now have a Twitter account. You can follow us at @orangechairblog. I believe I’ve successfully connected the account so you can follow us on Twitter to see when we post. And when we’re doing exciting things like going to brunch or sitting in traffic or whatever. I don’t have a Twitter account otherwise so I’m interested in seeing what sort of things should be posted on Twitter (tweeted? Not knowing about Twitter kind of makes me feel old).

Ben set up the Twitter account (remember Ben?). He has some Fresh Ideas for the new year, so I think we’ll hear more from him.


Elena only had minor colds most of her first year, so when she caught the flu or a stomach thing or something when she was almost one, I blithely sent her to day care anyway, only to get a call that I should really come and get my child, she was actually pretty sick.

What?  She's fine.

What? She’s fine.


Zoe was on nap strike yesterday. Despite my trying to reason with her, she only napped about 90 minutes total all day. She spent a lot of the day screaming because she was so tired and why were we keeping her up. This morning she woke up and her little throat was all hoarse. She has a cough that sounds terrible but it’s really just a regular cough with sore vocal cords. However, Elena and I are just getting over colds and I’ve been living in fear that Zoe would get the same illness. It’s got a 2+ week duration and while Elena and I can more or less power through, as noted above, Zoe just cannot be reasoned with.

So Zoe is either sick or she just needs to stop crying so much and take a damn nap. I guess we’ll find out which one it is because I certainly dropped her right off at day care this morning. Tra la la.

So we can remember that she actually does sleep.

So we can remember that she actually does sleep.


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