Random Thoughts and Pictures

(1) This is the second year that Ben (remember Ben?) has played ice hockey with some friends on New Year’s Day. It seems like everyone who went had a pretty awesome time. Last year Elena and I went to watch but this year, after thinking briefly about the logistics of taking two children to watch hockey (even with an indoor viewing portion) I decided “naaaaaah” and so we stayed home and ate candy.

Winter Classic 2014

Winter Classic 2014

(2) I don’t do ice skating and hockey together because, terrifying. (Even if I didn’t have to use duct tape to hold my helmet together.) I’ve never been a strong skater. However, I decided to take advantage of the fact that Ben would be gone for a big chunk of the day, thus owing me, and I signed up to take a spin class for once he got back. It was awesome. I haven’t been spinning since July and I really miss it.

(3) I’m scheduled to play my first post-baby dek hockey game on Tuesday. Wish me luck! Hatty tells me it is just like riding a bike and but I’m still slightly terrified.

I don't even know where my equipment is.

I don’t even know where my equipment is.

mad skillz

mad skillz

(4) Since Elena was born, January has been an extremely busy month for us. We have four family birthdays in January, plus we always end up doing our various “let’s wait til after the holidays” activities. Which is totally fine with me because I hate winter with a fiery and burning passion, so anything to make it go more quickly is a good thing. I’m taking one-day-a-week vacation days to spend some time with Zoe for a few months, sort of like an extended maternity leave. I also take a day to celebrate Elena’s birthday with her.

Elena's first birthday

Elena’s first birthday

(5) We have the soundtrack to Frozen and Elena won’t stop listening to it and OMG I ALWAYS HAVE THOSE SONGS IN MY HEAD ALWAYS ALWAYS. Love is an open DOOOOOOOOOOOOOR.

(6) Finally, here are pictures of Elena and Zoe because I know that’s why everyone reads this blog.


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