Knock Knock

Elena and her school friends seem to have a new obsession with knock knock jokes. Listening to them tell their jokes is like taking part in an absurdist play.

Mollie: Knock knock
Elena: Who’s there?
Mollie: Boo
Elena: Boo who? [so far so good, right?]
Mollie: Chicken noodle soup!

Elena: Knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
Elena: Dinosaur
Me: Dinosaur who?
Elena: Dinosaur ate a house!

All of which is fairly hilarious. I had a friend in high school who told literal absurdist knock knock jokes and I always got a kick out of them.

Kevin: Knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
Kevin: Ice cream
Me: Ice cream who?
Kevin: That’s why the garage door won’t open.

I’m paraphrasing here (I mean, we’re talking a joke I heard literally over 20 years ago) but I’m pretty sure it involved ice cream and a garage door. Who knew that Kevin (affectionately referred to as “Kevin Phillips-Bong” from the Slightly Silly Party) had the humor of a four year old? (Probably a lot of people knew this, actually, but I didn’t.)

Anyway, Elena enjoys cracking herself up telling ridiculous knock knock jokes, and even though I’m not sure why SHE thinks they are funny, they ARE funny.


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