Sleep Training

At Zoe’s four month checkup, our pediatrician gave us the green light to start working with Zoe to get her to sleep for longer periods. I would say “through the night” but that’s a bit of an overstatement when you go to bed at 7:30.

Zoe was doing pretty well getting through to about 4 or 5, but then she was sick for a few weeks and got off that schedule. While sick she realized that if she cried at, oh, you know, 11PM, she’d get additional mommy snuggles time. Unfortunately for mommy, additional Zoe snuggles time translated to ENRAGED SLEEP DEPRIVED SANDY and we’ve had a couple of days in recent memory where everything is awful. So it’s time to start working on Zoe’s sleep again.

We did not really have to deal with this with Elena because Elena took the binky. Whatever your feelings on binkies may be, I promise you that at 3AM they are the best idea ever. We loved the binky so much that she was about 9 months old before I realized that most of our pictures of her she had a binky in her mouth.

It's a good look

It’s a good look

But Zoe generally refuses the binky, so we’ve been working on letting her put herself to sleep.

Why can't you be more like your sister?

Why can’t you be more like your sister?

It’s funny, two people have the same conversation with one doctor during the day and you think everyone understands everything that needs to happen. Then 1AM rolls around, you’ve got a crying baby, and everything is a hate-fueled disaster. But we worked it out and got Zoe to stop crying and eventually put herself back to sleep.

I subsequently had a dream that Zoe had hurt herself in some unidentified way and was just lying there all calm about it because, you know, CRYING WILL MAKE NO DIFFERENCE MY PARENTS HAVE ABANDONED ME.



She was of course just fine this morning.

(We’ll only have to do that once, right?)


One thought on “Sleep Training

  1. Oh man, Sandy. I feel you on this one! We were big binky advocates. Chooch’s maw is plugged with a pacifier in tons of his baby pictures, too. No shame.

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