One Second Everyday: January

I’d seen a few videos around where professionals took a one-second video every day of the year and compiled them, and I though they were pretty cool. Around late December a coworker posted her own video and said she made it using an app. I must have this app, I thought. I must do this.

So I started my own compilation in early January. My idea is that I will do one each month all year. It’s fairly easy to get interesting video with two kids in the house but I am trying to mix it up so it’s not all kids because, hey, I do other things too. It’s been really fun to take little videos each day. It’s also nice to see that despite my complaining about the cold, this month hasn’t been all that bad. (The cold never bothered me anyway?)

Anyway, here’s January, please enjoy. (And yes I started two days late, and yes one of the videos is actually just a picture because I didn’t take a good video that day.)


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