1 Second February

It’s been a shameful period of time since I’ve posted. I have a few ideas but I have not brought them to fruition.

And what better way to bridge the gap since my last post than my 1 Second video from February? I forgot to take a video one day only. Not too shabby. Enjoy!


Fashion: 1990s Professional Edition

Because it’s Valentime’s Day and I’m wearing red, I have accessorized with a lovely red bracelet made for me by my friend Stacey. It has a little thing on it with a bell in it, so it jingles whenever I walk (almost like I’m Santa!). Obviously this is a lovely and gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Pictures are quiet

Pictures are quiet

I am reminded of my first job out of college. It was 1998/1999. I had a hippie skirt WITH BELLS ON IT and those really loud Steve Madden slides that made a THWAP THWAP THWAP sound every time you took a step. Perhaps these things would have been appropriate if I worked in, I don’t know, Tela Ropa (hands up if you remember that place!) but I worked at an office where 10 or so people sat around in a room and indexed academic journals for a database. It was quieter than a library.

Pretty sure I still have these

Pretty sure I still have these

yours on Etsy for only $68

yours on Etsy for only $68

What the hell was I thinking?

Anyway, I’m able to walk around holding my little jingle bell today, so at least I can pretend to be slightly more professional than I was in the late 1990s.

These are a few of my favorite Valentime’s Day songs

We are slow at work today because the East Coast Snowpocalypse closed many of our largest offices, so I thought I’d take the time to share my favorite songs celebrating this time of year.

Basically it’s just two.

(1) Even though I’m in a happy and committed relationship at the moment, my love of this song reminds me that that did not happen until I was in my 30s and I spent a lot of time feeling shitty about Valentime’s Day. (Even though – fun fact! – for two years in a row in my mid-20s, I was single and met guys on Valentime’s Day that I went on to date in some fashion or other. It’s a good night to meet single people if you are single.)

‘Cause I’d rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass than to spend one more minute with you. Thank you, Weird Al, for verbalizing my angry heartbreak.

(2) And this one has been in my head basically all week. Every day’s the 14th!

Too soon?

The past couple months have had their challenging moments. It’s not all cute videos and entertaining anecdotes.

This weekend has been an exercise in challenging moments. Elena had some stomach thing and Zoë is teething, and Ben was out, so yesterday evening I had a screaming five month old and an exploding four year old. (I called my mom.) Later, Zoë fussed her way to sleep over the course of two hours, and once she was finally asleep, Elena exploded again. (Ben was home to experience this joy.)

Thank you, wine, for getting me through the night.

I keep signing up for things, thinking I’ll be able to do them, then realizing that there’s no WAY I’ll be able to fit it in. Or more accurately, I theoretically could fit it in, but I don’t want to give up what I would have to give up in exchange (sleep, time with kids, time doing the relaxing things I actually enjoy).

The first casualty was a women’s leadership program I was really excited about but the time commitment was just too great. Next was 11pm hockey games (which, let’s face it, are not exactly something I enjoy anyway). I was convinced – convinced! – Zoë would be sleeping through the night by January. No luck there.

Now I’m realizing I’m not likely to get in the training I need to run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run at the beginning of April. I love running shorter distances, but ten miles is not an easy distance for me; I do need to train pretty substantially, and I’m just not finding the time. (The weather is not helping.)

The cold never bothered me anyway? False.

So I think I’ll be downgrading to the 5K, so I can still run and enjoy the experience and not stress myself out if I have another weekend like this weekend.

I’m told that having two kids does get easier (and thank you to those of you who have taken the time to counsel me on this fact). And I know from experience once the kid gets older and sleeps better and the weather is nicer, everything that seems impossible now will seem so much easier. But for now I’ll just have to focus on baby steps.

At the moment, both kids are fast asleep and I’m about to enjoy some Olympics and (more) wine with my husband. Wish me luck!

Happy Valentime’s Day!

I know I’m a bit early on this, but I just had some thoughts.

(1) Ben and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. Despite our love for going out to eat, Valentine’s Day is a bit of an amateur night as far as reservations, babysitters, etc. are concerned. This year it’s on a Friday, so, disaster. Nevertheless, we’re about due for an evening out at a new restaurant, and I’m thinking about going out to dinner maybe the weekend after. That doesn’t count, does it?

(2) Ben and I have jokingly referred to it as Valentime’s Day for some years now. Elena is straight-up and unironically referring to it as Valentime’s Day. It’s hilarious.

Yes, it’s this hilarious.

(3) Elena is getting me a secret Valentine’s Day present. Also I believe Ben will be getting Elena something too. So I really win out here, in that I get to just sit back and eat candy.

(4) Except for the part where we have to buy candy for all her school friends. I think we might get oranges. Sportacus would approve.