Fashion: 1990s Professional Edition

Because it’s Valentime’s Day and I’m wearing red, I have accessorized with a lovely red bracelet made for me by my friend Stacey. It has a little thing on it with a bell in it, so it jingles whenever I walk (almost like I’m Santa!). Obviously this is a lovely and gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Pictures are quiet

Pictures are quiet

I am reminded of my first job out of college. It was 1998/1999. I had a hippie skirt WITH BELLS ON IT and those really loud Steve Madden slides that made a THWAP THWAP THWAP sound every time you took a step. Perhaps these things would have been appropriate if I worked in, I don’t know, Tela Ropa (hands up if you remember that place!) but I worked at an office where 10 or so people sat around in a room and indexed academic journals for a database. It was quieter than a library.

Pretty sure I still have these

Pretty sure I still have these

yours on Etsy for only $68

yours on Etsy for only $68

What the hell was I thinking?

Anyway, I’m able to walk around holding my little jingle bell today, so at least I can pretend to be slightly more professional than I was in the late 1990s.


4 thoughts on “Fashion: 1990s Professional Edition

  1. I totally had those shoes, but they weren’t even Steve Madden, they were like Fleve Fladden. My 1998 outfits also consisted of a long black wrap skirt that probably looked like a 90 year old should have been wearing it.

  2. Last week, I texted Henry to tell him that the man sitting in front of me on the trolley smelled like Tela Ropa, and he was like, “What is a tela ropa?” Henry is the worst.

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