A Collection of Thoughts on Stomach Flu

1. I am home today with the stomach flu that Elena had last week. It takes a lot for me to stay home sick from work, all day, but stomach flu is unquestionably on that list.

2. I love the phrase “stomach flu,” don’t you? It allows me to convey the severity of my symptoms without going into a lot of detail on what exactly those symptoms are. It is like “childbirth” and it is unlike “a broken leg where the leg bone is sticking through the skin.”

3. It is very strange to be home alone all day. Surely everyone must just be asleep?

4. We are living on the edge of danger because we have two rolls of toilet paper and no laundry detergent in the house. I was going to get more today. Fortunately we, you know, live in civilization and can easily pick these things up should the situation become an emergency.

5. Spice World, the Spice Girls movie, is not available on Netflix.


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