Baby Food

Now that Zoe is seven months old, we are officially through the Early Babyhood phase and into a phase that I enjoy very much. Zoe can sit up, she can roll around, she does not yet crawl, she expresses her delight in me as well as several other key adults in her life so I don’t feel like a complete heel if I go out for an evening, and perhaps most enjoyably, she’s starting to eat actual food.

Because I enjoy cooking, I make most of her baby food, just as I made most of Elena’s baby food. I use this book for month-specific recipes (along with my doctor’s suggestion sheet for introducing foods). However, cooking food for a baby basically involves these steps:

(1) Steam the food, or otherwise cook it until it’s real soft and squashy
(2) Mash it up or put it in a food processor or something
(3) Either serve it soon or freeze it and serve it later

Making baby food is easier than making dinner for the rest of us, so we’re all eating frozen pizza while Zoe has homemade butternut squash.

We started with rice cereal, and I’m actually going to make myself a liar because we do use store-bought rice cereal, but I did say I make “most” of her food so I am being consistent after all. Zoe has since had sweet potato, butternut squash (also very easy, and a nice consistency for early food), zucchini (same), peas, green beans, apples, carrots, and bananas (which I believe to be her favorite thing of all time).

I’m doing a lot more mixing of foods with Zoe than I did with Elena. Whenever I introduce a new food I’ll mix it with rice or apples or something she’s familiar with. I started doing this after a fair bit of zucchini was spit out the first time she ate it.

Zoe is an “enthusiastic eater” (my parents’ words) and I definitely credit the fact that I’m able to feed her homemade food without making a “this smells disgusting” face.


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