Weekend Activity

April is historically the month that things start to really pick up on my social calendar. It seems like there are a ton of things to do every weekend and I’m always juggling and overcommitting and all that good stuff. Last year it was a challenge because I was pregnant and couldn’t do everything, and this year it’s a challenge because I have two kids and can’t do everything. This weekend was a classic case of pick and choose.

I ended up not doing 3 things that I would have liked to have done, including a 5K that I was quite looking forward to. What I did do was take Elena to soccer (where she only cried twice, so…progress), went to book club (took Zoe with me and put her in a baby pile with several of her contemporaries), had drinks with friends, had a date afternoon with Ben, made some baby food, put away the dishes like seven times, went for a nice run, and bought storage bins for Elena’s toys so that Zoe won’t choke on a Barbie shoe.

Looking back at this list, I’m pretty happy with how I split up my time. I had some quality time with everyone and also managed to have some fun for me. I left for work this morning feeling accomplished and organized.

I could do without putting away the dishes quite so often though.


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