July 4 Weekend: All The Things

From Thursday July 3 to Monday July 7 (I took a vacation day) I managed to cram in just about every fun summer thing there is to do.

July 3 was the beginning of Anthrocon, which brings the most spectacular people-watching to Pittsburgh in the form of furries. I organized a happy hour at Ten Penny, which is a prime viewing area. After a couple of Moscow mules everything is hilarious.



Next year’s Anthrocon is July 9-12, so people who were out of town for the holiday weekend will be able to catch up.

July 4 was gorgeous weather and I got to go for a run. Ben went to help Krista and Paul move, and I got some pictures of the girls in their patriotic outfits. Later in the day Elena told me that some people must not know it was America’s birthday because they were just wearing normal clothes.

These girls know it's America's birthday

These girls know it’s America’s birthday

We went downtown for lunch and to the Regatta (ya gotta Regatta). It was nice walking around and looking at the people. Ben and Elena watched a boat race while I walked in circles trying to get Zoe to fall asleep. Later, Elena skinned her knee and dramatically limped the entire way back to the car.

The Point

The Point

We went to my parents’ for dinner and backyard fireworks, which we had to light before it was actually dark because we were pretty tired.

Backyard Fireworks

Backyard Fireworks

On July 5 we had Elena’s little ballet class (which is going very well!) and then we went to visit my friends Kristin and Mike and their twin babies. Zoe enjoyed trying to crawl over their faces. Next was the grocery store/play area for Elena, followed by a bachelorette party for me. (I should note here that I only went to the pre-game portion of the bachelorette party. I was uninvolved in the “DD limo to Buckheads” portion of the bachelorette party. Lest you think I am superwoman.)

Sunday morning July 6 was The Sweet Sprint, which is a 3K (1.8 mile) point-to-point race with cupcakes at the end. Elizabeth strongarmed me into going (not a hard sell). It was a really nice race, other than a slight delay at the start. There were maybe 60 people in attendance (so plenty of treats to go around) and running a 3K kind of makes you feel like a superhero when most races are 5K. My time was 16:33!

Sweet Sprint

Sweet Sprint

Elena and Zoe went to Grandma Patty’s for some fun pool time, and I went to Target and Sephora for some fun shopping-without-kids time.

Both kids took a serious nap upon their return, which allowed me to do some work and reading on the back deck. After dinner, Elena and I went to the township fireworks (by which I mean we went to sit in the Redneck Lobster parking lot to see partially obscured fireworks) with Elizabeth & family. This was her first time (since she was 6 months old) staying awake for fireworks.

Waiting for the fireworks

Waiting for the fireworks

July 7 I took a vacation day because Zoe’s sitter was on vacation (the nerve!). I took her out for a nice walk/jog in the jogging stroller, then we went over to Elizabeth’s new house. It’s a NEW new house, just built, and all I wanted to do was roll around on the clean empty floors. Then we went to lunch. After this I brought Zoe home for a brief rest, then we headed back out with Elena & family to the St. Sebastian festival, where we met up with Mara & Mollie and I ran into Kathy!

picture courtesy of Mara

picture courtesy of Mara

So this is why I haven’t ironed my laundry yet. There will be time for this in February.


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