Pre-K Last Day

Today is Elena’s last day of Pre-K. She starts kindergarten after we get back from vacation!

Those of you who are good at math might remember that Elena will not be 5 until January. She’s going into kindergarten at Kindercare, and she will more than likely go through it again at public school next year. We weren’t initially anticipating that she would be going to kindergarten this year, but all of her little friends are going (at least the ones who will still be at Kindercare) and the teachers say she’s ready.

I think she’s excited but nervous. I vividly remember crying my eyes out on my first day of kindergarten, and also not being sure where my classroom was, and then later being nervous I was on the wrong bus home. I don’t anticipate any of those things will happen for Elena (and in fact the last two are basically impossible since we know where the classroom is and she won’t be taking the bus home; how cruel everything was in the early 80s).

Personally I feel like maybe I should be sadder about this? The whole “my little girl is growing up” thing? She and I have a little schtick going on now where she asks for help putting on her shoes, then tells me she can do it herself, and I pretend to cry because MY LITTLE GIRL IS GROWING UP. But honestly? Every time she learns something new, I’m happy about it, even if it means leaving some things behind.

Maybe this will change when she is, like, 13, and EVERYTHING IS THE WORST.