September Thoughts

Hello, neglected blog readers. September is a time of change, we go into it wearing our bathing suits and shorts and come out of it wearing our sweaters and knee boots. What have we been up to?

(1) I’m signed up for a few races in the next couple of weeks. Elorapalooza (honoring my friend Mike’s sister), the Pittsburgh Great Race (with my college friends Anthony and Barb) and the Mario Lemieux 6.6K (mostly because Sarah talked me into it).  I’m trying not to have any specific goals for these races.  I might be running Elorapalooza with a jog stroller, so I guess my goal for that one would be to not get a flat tire.  I’ve run with Anthony before but that was pre-second-baby, we’ve never run with Barb, and I haven’t done a 10K in some time, so I’m not sure how that will go.  My goal for that race will be to not lose Barb and Anthony in downtown Pittsburgh.  I’ve never done a 6.6K before, so I’m going for a PR on that one.

(2) Summer hockey is over, and I’m into fall hockey. I had a couple of really great games and now I’m on a sort of break and I’m afraid I’ll lose all my mad skillz. I’m also sort of starting to wonder how much longer I’ll be able to play hockey.  One of my hockey ladyfriends who, like me is a bit on the, you know, older side got pretty hurt a few weeks ago and I’m not so into that.  It’s also somewhat frustrating to play against a team of 25 year old men.  They are typically a touch faster than me.

(3) I’m also playing fall kickball. Ben’s switched nights reffing so I’m actually able to play a full season with my team. By “play” I mean “kick with a goal to advance the runners; stand out of the way while Marshall and Mike catch any ball that comes near me; drink a beer; and assist in coming up with ridiculous nicknames for teammates.” So, good times.

(4) Elena’s transitioning to kindergarten and seems to be enjoying it. Despite the fact that she and I both forgot her backpack today (disaster/failure/etc.).

(5) I’ll close with some pictures. We had Zoe’s first birthday party last weekend. Below are some pictures of our festive grove at North Park with nearby playground, as well as some of the birthday girl herself. It’s nice to be able to plan birthday parties outside the dead of winter (Elena’s birthday is in January).

so festive

so festive

nearby playground

nearby playground

birthdays are serious business

birthdays are serious business

I like cake!

I like cake!


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