Blogger Cookie Exchange

Recently the blog has come up for renewal, which seems like it might be a good time to start writing again?

Tomorrow I am doing a cookie exchange with some other bloggers. The bloggers are kind enough to include me since I am only a pretend blogger, but I guess they (mistakenly) heard that I’m pretty good at baking cookies. The cookies I made currently look like this:

So cookie. Much marshmallow.

These are rocky ledge bars, which I’ve made a few times before (obviously this is recommended when you are feeding cookies to strangers) and fairly easy to make. I generally prefer making bar cookies over drop cookies because I feel I am less likely to burn the crap out of them OR undercook them and give everyone salmonella. I feel like I used to be better at making cookies, when I was like 15 or something, and now I am just terrible at it. But I can make actual real food now, and I couldn’t then, so this is probably for the best and hashtag-winning and all that.

Anyway. I have cookies, I tried them and they do not taste like sadness, so I am ready for the cookie exchange.

In other news, work has been really busy so mostly what I’ve been doing is working, and when I am not working I am trying to spend time with my children, who currently look like this: