Neglected Blog

UGH.  I’ve been putting off my Comeback Post because how do you write a blog post when you haven’t written a blog post in weeks…then it’s months…then all you can think about is, do I need to write about what I’ve been doing the past three months? Or is anyone going to read this any more? Or what cute picture of my children will make this all better?

Winter is a bit of a weird time for me.  Since I’m busy most of the rest of the year, I try to take the opportunity to hibernate a bit, minimize plans (which are more than likely to be cancelled by snow anyway), get some rest, be at the house, drink wine in my pajamas, etc. I’m not sure if it’s the children, or just an uptick in my rocking social life, but the past few years have not seemed as hibernate-y as prior years, and I feel like I’ve been running around a lot more than I’d like.

And yet when I think about what I’ve actually done, I’m not sure I could even make an interesting list.

  • There was Christmas and New Year’s and everyone in my family has January birthdays so those things all happened
  • My team won at bar trivia
  • I’ve played a few hockey games
  • Caring for children while Ben works 6 or 7 (yes SIX or SEVEN) days a week for the USPS
  • Putting on another sweater because it’s cold
  • We are having a weight loss challenge at work, and I’ve lost some extremely negligible amount of weight because I refuse to cut out chocolate or wine
  • Zoe has almost all her teeth now.  They seem to come in as slow as possible, one tooth at a time.  I believe she’s been teething her whole life
  • Elena can tie her own shoes and I don’t know who taught her but it wasn’t me

But springtime is coming up.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start running outside again, since I miss it.  And maybe then I can eat chocolate and wine without guilt.  And I can plan some trips – I love planning trips.

I’m hoping to post more frequently now.  I have a few ideas.

Here are the pictures of my children that should make it all OK.