Blue Apron

I love to cook but cooking as I would like has generally taken a backseat amid work and childcare and other things that I’ve chosen to prioritize and do in my free time.* A few months ago, Stacey mentioned that she got Frank a gift subscription to Blue Apron for Christmas.  This is a service that sends you ingredients to make three meals for yourself at home, along with step by step recipes.  Stacey reported back that (1) Frank seemed to have no trouble with the recipes**, (2) the food was good, and (3) importantly, they were satisfied with the amount of food received.  I felt comfortable that enough food for Frank and Stacey would be enough food for Ben and Sandy, so we decided to give it a try.

So every Friday we get a box of food and we have three recipes to try over the weekend, when we have a bit more time to try them.  Generally they are easy to prepare and not super time consuming (although I spent about 45 minutes cutting a butternut squash on Saturday).  We have been disappointed in one or two of the recipes, out of a total of I think 12 so far.  They’ve sent a few weird things our way and it’s been cool to try things we never would have tried otherwise.  One week they forgot to include something and we got a nice credit to our account, so the customer service was good too.

This weekend’s menu includes Roasted Poblano Chilaquiles with sunny side-up eggs and avocado; Sumac-Roasted Sweet Potato & Farro Salad with pickled onions and hazelnuts***; and Roasted Butternut Squash**** with stewed white beans, gremolata and Brussels sprouts.  I will blog our cooking adventures with respect to these items.

I should mention that this is not a sponsored post, although why anyone would think that it might be sponsored is beyond me.  My readership is at like 20*****.


*I don’t think your personal life is over just because you have kids.  You can still do things for yourself.  You just can’t do everything that you may want to do for yourself.  I’ve chosen to spend my free time playing hockey as opposed to trying as many new recipes as I’d like.  This choice is unfortunate, but I’ve also chosen to never play softball again, which is an enjoyable choice.

**Frank being able to manage the recipes was not really a question but it was good to know.

***We will likely serve the hazelnuts on the side.  Ben does not like nuts in food.

****I hope this one does not take 45 minutes to chop.

*****But I love and appreciate all 20 of you.


3 thoughts on “Blue Apron

  1. Well, I hope Blue Apron sends you some free stuff, because I just signed up for the Friday delivery thing. I have read about it, but never wanted to commit but I never thought to schedule it that way. On the weekends we end up going out and buying some weird food to try and this will just give us direction and save us some time. I will probably spectacularly fail at it, but I will keep you posted!

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