Blue Apron: Roasted Poblano Chilaquiles

I’m way behind on recapping my three recipes from last week (and more food comes today!) because work has been a pain factory this week.  But things seem to be easing up (or I’m just fooling myself) so I thought I’d take a minute to write about what we had for dinner LAST SATURDAY.

I’m not a huge fan of eggs, so I’m suspicious when I see them in recipes, but if there’s enough other stuff with them such that you can’t really taste the egg, I’m OK with it!

My assistant was busy trying on her father’s shoe and being upset that she couldn’t walk around in it, so she was unavailable to help me this time.


This recipe involved roasting poblano peppers (hence the name), making a sauce with tomato, onions, etc., making tortilla chips, mixing the sauce and chips together with the peppers, and topping with cheese, cilantro, avocado, lime and the egg.

This is totally what everyone’s kitchen workspace looks like, right?


You can’t really see the sauce part, but it did turn out well.  Making the chips was really easy and they were really good, and I should probably do this generally more often.  It was a bit spicy but not overwhelming.  Definitely filling and tasty.


I can’t get the recipe picture to turn straight, but you can go to the link above to look at the recipe if this bothers you.



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