A normal weekend

So I inadvertently took the summer off from blogging. This was not planned. I don’t really have any real reasons why:

(1) Ben had a heart procedure in late June to get his heart beating in rhythm. It’s fine now. He still can’t dance, but his heart is beating properly. (Zing!)
(2) We went on vacation.
(3) Etc. I don’t really know, whatever.

ANYWAY. This weekend seems like a good weekend to come back to blogging because it is the first weekend that I have had since Zoe was born (106 weeks ago, for anyone keeping track) that I would consider normal. What’s a normal weekend to me, anyway?

(1) I was able to have two full cups of coffee while reading a magazine in the morning.
(2) I spent enjoyable quality time with my children that did not entirely involve providing them with more milk and/or fruit snacks, or telling them that they can’t watch any more television.
(3) I got to look at my husband while we were both awake and it was light out.
(4) I did not spent the entire weekend with an uneasy panic about how I was going to get certain things done at certain times.
(5) I went for a run and got to do a little bit of cooking.

Also we had time for Frappucinos

Also we had time for Frappucinos

So for those of you considering having a second kid, or in the middle of the first 106 weeks of having a second kid – now there’s light at the end of the tunnel for you.


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