Shenandoah 2015

We have gone to the Shenandoah National Park area every year since 2009. Our friends Barb & George have gone even longer than that, and they invited us to start going with them, and now they are stuck with us forever.

Some of our trips have been fraught with disaster:

  • In 2010 there was a terrible ice storm and we couldn’t stay at our cabin because there was no power. We also could not safely drive home – unfortunately we were unaware of the second thing, so we drove home.
  • In 2013 we had a six week old baby so we did not go.
  • Last year I blew out a tire in the National Park, so Ben had to drive my car back to an auto care place for VERY EXPENSIVE new tires (since I have a Subaru and you have to replace all at once) (also this was the time when my license was suspended so I could not drive myself).

Relatively speaking, then, this year was fairly smooth sailing! This will be known as The Year That Zoe Decided Not To Sleep Very Much, and also The Year That We Decided to Stay an Extra Day and Were Happy with that Decision.

We left on Thursday, instead of Friday. Last year we found Orr’s Farm Market in Martinsburg, WV, which is en route. It meets all my fall pumpkin patch requirements:

  1. It is not very crowded.

There’s a tractor ride, things to play on, a TON of apples, and pumpkins. We had a great time, and it’s a good opportunity to stop and rest and do something other than run wild at the turnpike rest stop.

I’ve already shared some pictures from this trip on Facebook and Instagram.  Here are just a few more for you, my very special 15-18 blog readers.

The past few years (since the ice incident) we have stayed at the Massanutten Resort, which makes us sound very fancy, but it is not particularly fancy; there are houses of varying size for varying length of stay, and nearby activities. Locally, sort of like Seven Springs, I think. Anyway, it’s great there.

We went to Shenandoah National Park on Friday. We hiked a great, hilly trail with a creek/waterfall alongside us the whole time, and Elena did such a good job with walking the whole way, I was so proud of her.  She did get tired (and so did George).  Zoe alternated between running and being carried.

Please don't make us walk any more

Please don’t make us walk any more

On Saturday we ventured out into downtown Harrisonburg and had a great lunch and gelato.

After a glorious afternoon of rest, we tried our hand at mini golf. As always, Ben won, because he always is sort of effortlessly good at this sort of thing. Elena did really well considering she has never tried to golf before. And Zoe did not run off and/or destroy anything.

We had a lovely time!  Already looking forward to next year.


One thought on “Shenandoah 2015

  1. “1.It is not very crowded.” – Yes!

    I loved all the pictures you were posting on Instagram — it’s so beautiful there! I’m glad you guys had a good time. 🙂

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