I don’t really have fear of missing out so much as potentially unrealistic expectations of how much I can get done in a certain amount of time.  I also don’t exactly use the weekend to relax.  Here’s me discussing a theoretical but likely weekend with my coworker, Nate.

Nate: What are you doing this weekend?

Me: Well, I have three hockey games Sunday, and I’m supposed to get drinks with someone on Saturday, and the girls were invited to two different playdates that are 45 minutes apart but I figure I can just drop one off, take the other one to the other one, then go back and get the first girl, and then go back and get the second girl, and then we’ll go home and I need to cook five pounds of tomatoes and also I have a hair appointment and I want to finish reading this book about Princess Di.  You?

Nate: We may be going on a bike ride but we’re not sure.

I don’t like saying no to things though.  I always feel like, if it’s something I want to do, and people I want to see, why not at least try to get there?  It’s only been recently that I’ve had to say to myself, look, you’re not going to make it to this event.  It’s in the middle of naptime, it’s a two-hour roundtrip drive, and the girls haven’t eaten lunch in their own house since March.

This weekend, however, was a master class in trying to cram in as much stuff as I could.* Ben worked all weekend** so I was responsible for everything.  “Everything” included:

  • Elena’s regular ballet class
  • A cookie exchange in the South Hills (necessitating travel over bridges and through tunnels)
  • Babysitting our friend’s kid so his parents could go to a fancy party
  • Dek hockey game
  • Getting the girls to church
  • Elena’s special Nutcracker ballet class
  • Making sure my kids had enough food and sleep so they didn’t stage a walkout

And we did it!

The cookie exchange in the South Hills was with a bunch of other bloggers, and I use the term “other” loosely because they update their blogs more than, you know, once a month.  I generally feel like an impostor, but I did bake cookies, so I guess I’m legit?  Regardless, it’s always fun to see Henry in the wild, though.



The cookies came in handy with the entertaining-children element of the evening, although these kids together could probably entertain themselves with a ball of yarn.  They had a lot of fun.


cookies were a success

I didn’t take any pictures of my actual hockey game, but I did take a picture of Jake reffing the game before ours because it was his birthday.

Jake (2)

We won the game!  I had a nice assist and felt pretty good about my defensive skills.  I hadn’t had a good game in a while so it was a nice boost for me.

The church/hockey/feeding the children/Zoe’s nap/ballet class element of Sunday was the trickiest, and I felt pretty proud that I sorted it all out.  I had to smell like hockey for a couple of hours to make it happen, but I suppose there are worse things to smell like***?

Here’s Elena posing with the Sugar Plum Fairy ballerinas (I believe they are student dancers and not the actual SPF in the ballet).  She enjoyed the class.


After this we went home and had a pizza movie night.  Well-deserved!


*and I still had to say no to a few things!  I really wanted to attend Lou’s Christmas party and the Moms Demand Action walk.  But as I mentioned, I have to draw the line somewhere.

**for anyone who received a package at 9:45pm last night, thank your mail carrier.  It’s not their fault that you didn’t really care if it came on Monday.

***there are not.  I’m just telling myself this.


One thought on “FOMO

  1. You are honestly one of the busiest people I know and I genuinely admire your ability and determine to get shit done. And hey, I post in my blog nearly every day and still feel like a blogger fraud!

    “Henry in the wild” made me LOL. He mumbled, “Thanks, Sandy.” Yes!!

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