Resolution: January

My 2016 Resolution is to make monthly resolutions based specifically on what is going on in my life in that particular month.  A friend posted on Facebook asking what one word was to describe everyone’s resolutions this year, and my word was “attainable.”  I’m into the whole self-improvement thing and I am not into the whole making resolutions you can’t keep thing.  My least favorite thing about resolutions is going to the gym in January.

So my January resolution is going to be to spend less money during the work day, specifically by (a) generally packing my lunch unless I have lunch plans, (b) parking somewhere cheaper, and (c) only getting plain coffee at Starbucks (which is in my building and therefore somewhat difficult to avoid) and generally only going once a day.  As long as I do these things most days, I will feel like I’ve met my resolution goal for the month.

And I’m not sure at all what any of my other resolutions will be.  I’ll start thinking about February in a few weeks.

Here’s hoping this will work out!  My 25 blog readers will keep me accountable, I know….