Popular Music When You’re Six

We drive around listening to KidzBop a lot.  It doesn’t really bother me.  I don’t hear a lot of differences between the KidzBop versions of the songs and the regular versions of the songs.  I mean, I guess I’m old or have bad taste or whatever.

Whenever you have a certain birthday, the “when you were born” lists inevitably include the #1 song when you were born.  (Mine is “Silly Love Songs.”) I don’t remember hearing “Silly Love Songs” at ALL growing up.  What I do remember hearing are the songs that were popular when I was about Elena’s age, about 6.  These are the first popular songs I was really aware of (I mean, in addition to the Sesame Street records we had, and all the music my parents liked, and that sort of thing).

Google tells me that these are some of the songs that were really popular in 1982, when I was 6, and I think you’ll agree that this is a fairly awesome collection: Eye of the Tiger, You Should Hear How She Talks About You, Jack & Diane, Don’t Talk to Strangers, Up Where We Belong [which I remember VERY CLEARLY being an answer to a game of Hangman in first or second grade music class], Rosana, Eye in the Sky, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Pass the Dutchie, Come on Eileen, Hungry Like the Wolf, and Heat of the Moment.

So will Bad Blood be Elena’s Come On Eileen? Will she dance to this song at a club in London when she’s studying abroad? Will she figure out what’s really going on in Uma Thurman, like I did with Pass the Dutchie, years from now, and be like, “seriously?”




Resolution: February

I did relatively well with my January resolution.  I packed my lunch just about every day, I think I missed 1 day.  I did moderately OK with the “only getting regular coffee” at Starbucks.  I mostly drank regular coffee, with a couple of days off.  I did poorly with the “parking somewhere cheaper” option.  It is cold and I didn’t really want to park further away.  So I’ll try that one again in like May.

For February, I’m going to stop eating when Ben goes to bed (which is usually like 8:30/9 these days since he’s been starting really early).  What’s been happening is that he goes to bed and I stay up and drink, like, a half a bottle of wine and eat five cookies every night while watching like three shows on Netflix.  Then I feel like garbage about myself.  So I’m going to stop doing that this month.  And I’m going to continue with my lunch-packing and coffee-drinking (although today I had a free drink so I got a fancy drink because that doesn’t count).


One of these months my resolution will be to blog every day.  I thought about doing that this month (since it is only 29 days, haha) but I want to stop this nighttime eating thing.  So maybe it will be March.