Nakama North

As the parent of two children under the age of 6 who enjoys spending some time with them, a person who works outside the home full-time, and a woman who has interests other than work and family, my days – especially my weekend days – are kind of all over the place.

This weekend we were supposed to go to Cleveland to visit friends, but our hosts had some stomach flu concerns, so I made the bummer/smart decision to stay home. Today, Sunday, I spent some time this morning practicing dek hockey with some women who are generally pretty awesome at dek hockey, and then I came home and took Elena to a gymnastics party with her school friends.  The sound track to today was, weirdly, the Barbie’s Fab Christmas CD which Zoe just found in a drawer (dammit).

Although there were some moms on the dek hockey team, their kids are a bit older (as in, they are either old enough to be allowed to wander the facility, or they are so old that they’re like in college or something).  I don’t know the school moms that well, although they are all very nice, but I do know them well enough to know they all think I’m slightly batshit for playing dek hockey (perhaps mostly it’s the 11PM games that they think are batshit – and they are not wrong).

There was a kids’ soccer practice in the area next to where we practiced hockey today, and at one point a little family came over to watch us.  You know, a family, like the one I left at home, so I could play hockey, while my kids sit around in their pajamas and color their hair with hair chalk or whatever.

This makes it sound like it’s a bad thing that I try to diversify, but of course it’s not.  I like having these different experiences, and as soon as my kids are old enough to sympathize with the fact that “yeah, practice was frustrating because everyone crawled up my butt about my shitty-ass stick handling” I think it will add a nice element to our relationship.

Which brings me to Nakama North.  Nakama Original is a nice hibachi restaurant in an area of town where all the youths go.


Some time ago I was taking the girls to misguided swim lessons and I saw that they had opened a location in the northern suburbs, in the strip mall with the Whole Foods and the artisan bread shop and the Gymboree, and I thought to myself, oooh, that place is for us.

I was not wrong.  Nakama North is basically full of families of people where the parents used to go on dates to Nakama and now they have kids but still want to eat nice food that is cooked on a hibachi grill in front of them and they want to bring their children there and they don’t CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS JUST BRING ME A GLASS OF WINE AND A PLATE OF STEAK AND SCALLOPS. Basically it’s perfect for me, and fortunately everyone else likes it too.  They have edamame and white rice and plain chicken, so, you know.  If only it didn’t cost eleventy billion dollars of money to go there.


Since we didn’t get to go to Cleveland this weekend, we took Rachel and went to Nakama North.  It was awesome.  Rachel loves fire, apparently!  And they went there for her dad’s birthday!  Rachel gets pretty excited.


Zoe’s still not a fan of fire, but she had fun getting daddy to comfort/pay attention to her during the fire parts.  Plus, she got a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

Now it’s now and I’m preparing to fight with Zoe to get her to sleep on time because BITCH THE LAST EPISODE OF DOWNTON IS ON TONIGHT.